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Certainly, you can perform validation on multi-dimensional arrays in Laravel using the Validator class. Multi-dimensional arrays can occur when you have fields grouped under different keys. Here's how you can handle validation for multi-dimensional arrays:

Let's assume you have a form with an array of items, and each item has its own set of attributes, such as name, quantity, and price.

Create the Form: Create your HTML form with input fields named as multi-dimensional arrays. For example:

        <form method="POST" action="/process-form">
            <input type="text" name="items[0][name]" value="">
            <input type="number" name="items[0][quantity]" value="">
            <input type="number" name="items[0][price]" value="">

            <input type="text" name="items[1][name]" value="">
            <input type="number" name="items[1][quantity]" value="">
            <input type="number" name="items[1][price]" value="">
            <!-- More items can be added here -->
            <button type="submit">Submit</button>

Define Validation Rules: In your controller, define the validation rules for the multi-dimensional array using dot notation to access the nested attributes. For example:

use Illuminate\Http\Request;
use Illuminate\Support\Facades\Validator;

public function processForm(Request $request)
    $validator = Validator::make($request->all(), [
        'items.*.name' => 'required|string|max:255',
        'items.*.quantity' => 'required|integer|min:1',
        'items.*.price' => 'required|numeric|min:0',

    if ($validator->fails()) {
        return redirect('your-form-route')

    // Your logic for processing the form data here

    return redirect('success-route');

In this example, we're validating the name, quantity, and price attributes of each item within the items array. You can customize the validation rules to match your specific requirements.

Display Validation Errors: In your Blade view, you can display validation errors associated with multi-dimensional array items similar to how you did for the single-dimensional array.

        @foreach ($errors->get('items.*') as $itemErrors)
            @foreach ($itemErrors as $error)
                <span class="text-danger">{{ $error }}</span><br>

This code snippet will display error messages for each attribute of each item in the items array.

By following these steps, you can effectively validate and process multi-dimensional arrays in Laravel forms.

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